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Zentangle Teabag Art Zia Class

Hi Friends! What a fun and creative “Zentangle Tea Bag Art” Zia Online Class! We completed one awesome teabag art piece that can be framed and some students created beautiful greeting cards. Some even went on to make more teabag art! Below is our Zentangle Class Mosaic. Thank you all for joining me and sharing!

I was really surprised and pleased at how easy it is to tangle on a used teabag using the proper pens and coloring techniques! I absolutely loved it!! We first learned how to prepare our teabags and how important it is to use Gesso to seal the fabric. I demonstrated several easy and quick ways to get that lovely antique staining, without having to steep your tea or create a mess. Then we drew tangles and followed the tea stained patterns. Each teabag was different. There were holes, tears, and folds but we embraced the teabags imperfections and incorporated them into our art. After coloring, I demonstrated how to tear the edges of our white 100% cotton paper to get that beautiful natural torn look. And then we attached our teabag to to it. Some of us also attached word sayings to complete our project. I can see why these little gems can be addicting!


Donna xxoo


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