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Benefits of Zentangle® Art

Hi! All my life I have been a worrier, you know…the “what ifs?”. Many times I have worried to the point of making myself sick or I’ll have a rip roaring panic attack. And depending where I am at the time, I would avoid going to those places again. At one point in my life, all the doors closed in on me and the only safe place was my home…..for 4 long years! There is a name for this called Agoraphobia, an anxiety/panic disorder, which I have had all my life. Eventually I got help, which turned my life around. But I still have all the “what ifs? and negative chatter”, which are ingrained in my head and sometimes still stops me from doing things or makes it very difficult. Do you have the "what ifs?"

Finding Zentangle has been a life saver! Breathing and relaxing while tangling patterns keeps my mind occupied (being "mindful"). I can do this anywhere! Becoming a CZT has given my life purpose and has gotten me out of the house and back to teaching and living again (I LOVE teaching!). I have made many wonderful Zentangle friends around the world and I’m so grateful! My mind now is continuously filled with beautiful Zentangle art, patterns, and new ideas for classes!

Some of the Benefits of  the Zentangle® Method™:

  1. Stress Reliever and Promotes Relaxation

  2. Decreases Anxiety, Panic Attacks, and Depression

  3. Pain Management

  4. Problem Solving

  5. Physical and Emotional Therapies

  6. Focus and Concentration

  7. Mindfulness-“living in the moment”

  8. Fine Motor Skills

  9. Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

  10. Personal Well-Being

  11. Working with Children and the Elderly

  12. PTSD

  13. Recovery Programs

  14. Positive Group Dynamics

  15. NO Art Experience Required!

  16. Is a break from Technology!

  17. Opens the Mind to Creativity, Imagination, and Intuition!

  18. Practicing Zentangle will help you “Release your Inner Artist” – even if you think you don’t have one!

  19. Anyone can do it! Give it a try! You only need a piece of paper, pen, and pencil!

❤️ Donna


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