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Stuffies In Stores

Hi!  For those who haven’t met “Ivars”, here is a photo of him.  He has long arms that you can tie around your neck, as he is very good at giving hugs.  (He kind of looks just like I do when I watch football with Jake. LOL!)

 Jake's Alaskan Stuffie

Jake's Alaskan Stuffie

Jake posted some photos of my Alaskan Stuffies on Facebook and WOW they just took off!!!  A very cool store called the Artic Rose Gallery, Anchorage, Alaska, saw the photos and bought 10 stuffies!  Awesome!! They were having a “First Friday” that week and I got them there just in time.  Here is a photo of some of them.

Alaskan Stuffies at Artic Rose Gallery

Alaskan Stuffies at Artic Rose Gallery

And then  our dear friend, Rene, who we saw on New Years Eve, bought 12 Alaskan Stuffies for her store, Blaines Art Supply, Anchorage, Alaska!  What a surprise! But I didn’t have any left and I was leaving for 1-1/2 weeks to visit Joseph!  So being the sweet person that she is, she said no worries I could make them when I got back.  So needless to say when I got back from my trip I had to make 12 in one week!  I worked literally day and night!!  Blaine’s was having a “Last Friday” of the month and I got them there in the nick of time.  I stayed for the  party and had so much fun watching people smile and laugh at my stuffies.  Such silly little critters that bring so much joy!!

Alaskan Stuffies at Blaines Art Supply

Alaskan Stuffies at Blaines Art Supply (I look tired!!)

Yes, I look pretty tired!!

“First Fridays”  and “Last Fridays” in Anchorage are the first or last friday of every month when the shops and gallerys open their doors that evening and display featured art and artists.  People hop from place to place and check out the art and feast on wonderful food! It is very fun! Jake has been featured numerous times and his paintings will be featured again at Stephan’s Fine Art Gallery, the first friday of April 2011.

Love,  Donna


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