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Hi!  I have been silent lately.  Trying to figure out what to think, what to say, and which way to go.

Recently I’ve found some of my copyrighted 1999 locker hooking photos (of my actual hands!) used on 4 blogs/websites to advertise their own products and others (not mine).  My photos have actually been linked to their sites without any mention of me or my business, or the fact that they are copyrighted and used without my permission.  This is just WRONG!

I just don’t understand how people can do this.  It is easy to copy and paste but how can they live with themselves knowing they are doing not only something illegal, but it is just WRONG, and it hurts people!  This also happened to me 11 years ago when I first started my business.  My son, Justin, took several photos of me locker hooking at our patio table ( yes, these are the same photos).  I used them on the front and back covers of my first locker hooking book (registered with U.S. Copyright Office and the Library of Congress), as well as in my second book.  They are used as my Logo, on my business cards, used to advertise my website, blog, Facebook Page, my classes.  They are registered under Copyright Laws.  But people still steal them!

The first time this happened I pulled back and stopped sharing my locker hooking photos and the ones I did and do share are all watermarked.  Over the years I gained back my faith in people and even took a class about sharing internet social media last June, because I really do want to share.  I would love to have my name out there, that is what the internet is all about.  It’s wonderful!  But when you get punched in the stomach again and again, it affects your trust.  I’ve pulled back again.

I’ve sent letters to violators and some people are nice and others not.  I’ve deleted my photos that I do not want to share publicly, but I continue to battle, trying to get them off permanently and I am frustrated.

I’ve changed my hardcore policies and asked people if they are going to use some of my copyrighted photos, at least ask me and link them back to me or my business.  We will see……………….

So sadly, I’ve come to the same conclusion as when I started this business………………my wonderful locker hooking photos and knowledge will remain in my books only.

♥ Donna


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