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This Tangle Alaska Tutorial is one in a series of popular, creative, and fun "Zentangle® Inspired Art Classes" I have taught in Anchorage, Alaska. Enjoy!


Let’s spill some wine and tangle…on and around the wine stains! Explore different methods of creating wine designs on paper, using dark red wine, wine glasses, and household accessories! Included are step-by-step instructions with photos, many of my examples as well as my students, and links to tangles and sources. Display art tiles in frames or on small easels or decorate cards and journals!

Tangles & Wine Zentangle® Tutorial-PDF

  • 1 PDF--8 pages

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    >Download PDF Immediately and Save to your Computer!

    >Prerequisite! Knowledge of the Zentangle® is required.

    >©2017, ©2021, By Donna Jacobson CZT. Copyright material is solely the property of Tangle Alaska and Donna Jacobson, a Certified Zentangle® Teacher acting with permission from Zentangle, Inc., and may not be copied, shared, recorded, reprinted, redistributed, or sold.

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