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Summer Winds

The summer winds have come and gone……………. and so has the Alaskan fireweed. As you know, I LOVE fireweed (see “Alaskan Fireweed” Post)!  You probably already know that just from looking at my blog banner.  I was gone a lot this summer and missed much of the brilliant magenta colors, so I’ve decided I’m going to plant fireweed seeds in our front yard and maybe I’ll have a “fireweed garden” next summer.  I’m going to try!

It’s September now and this is what the fireweed looks like. I love the fluffy stuff too! Maybe I can catch some and keep it through the winter so I can dream of when the next fireweed blooms?

Fireweed Fluff

Fireweed Fluff

Hope everyone had a GREAT SUMMER!



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