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New book cover

Hi!  I have been madly working on a new book cover for my second book entitled, “The Basics: Locker Hook A Mug Rug”, which I wrote last year.  I have always been unhappy with the  book cover I designed.  It sucked! Trying to learn how to set up this blog and etsy.com and facebook.com, learn the terminology, and how in the world do you edit your mistakes (?) has been a challenge for me!  It’s like being back in nursing school and learning medical terminology.  Actually, I thought that was much easier.  I have literally been up all day and night for a week with several hours of sleep during each day.  Well, my son found out about it and he asked me “what blog?”  WordPress.com of course.  He proceeds to tell me that he just got back from Bolder, Colorado where he attended a WordPress conference!  He’s been using WordPress for years! How about that!  Am I lucky or what?? He is in college and majoring in “computer science”.  He tells me to get some sleep, don’t go buying a book, and he’ll help me.  Well, I didn’t tell him but I bought a WordPress book anyway.  I’m very proud of him and excited because this is his last year in college and after 7 years he will be graduating next year!

So……..I would love some feedback on my new book cover!

You can also let me know on my Facebook page.  Thanks!


New book cover

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