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Hope, Alaska

Hi!  Last weekend Jake and I took a beautiful drive to Hope, Alaska.  Jake, my so famous Alaskan artist husband, was asked to bring some of his original paintings to Hope’s small Art Gallery.  And so we did, and it was such a wonderful day!  Hope is a community of 150 people (year round) but then you have to add a couple of 100 or more people during the summer.  The fun thing to do is to pop your tent out by the ocean (free!) and hang out all summer long.

It’s just a CUTE little town!!

Does anyone remember back in the early 1980’s when Hope, Alaska, got on world-wide news?  Their town was so small with very few women and so the men went on TV to ask if any women would be interested in moving to Hope?  If so………….well they would just LOVE to have them!  They even went on a bunch of popular talk shows.  I guess three women did go ,but I found out on the weekend that all three eventually left!  SO SAD!  But I can understand because I think the hard winters and isolation in Hope was just too much for some of the ladies to take!

I wonder?  Would you go?

I went to the town’s yard sale (for their school & library) and wandered into the little book store, and if you want to buy something you just leave a few dollars in a container.  Before we left Hope, the highlight of the day was having dinner in their little View Cafe.  It was so enchanting! And the food was absolutely yummy!  (I had a BLT w/avocado and Jake had halibut).

I just fell in love with this little town!

Hope Fine Art Gallery

Scott & Fayrene Sherritt's home, owners of Hope's Art Gallery

Hope's Cafe and Bar

Dinner anyone?

So the next time you are near Hope, Alaska, you must come visit!

♥ Donna

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