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Crochet Beaded Covers and Doilies Pattern

Hi, I promised this pattern to several people out there who encouraged and inspired me and I thank each one of you!  I was especially inspired when I received a message from someone in Australia who is currently going through the HOT and BUGGY summer months and said she really uses them (thank you Anna)!  It is winter here in Alaska where I live, but we definitely use them during our mosquito summers!  I posted the pattern in my Etsy Shop and Ravelry Shop!

These covers are very USEFUL for keeping falling debris and bugs out of beverages, wine glasses, and food containers!  Plus they make pretty doilies!  I made several for my daughter’s outside wedding.  They make great gifts!  They also work well at barbeques and even indoor parties so the quests will never lose their drinks!  Adding beads, buttons, or charms at the ends of the chain loops not only add beauty but also weights the covers down so they stay on!

This is an easy and quick round pattern which uses basic crochet stitches as the slip knot, chain, single crochet, double crochet, and slip stitch and illustrated by Kurt Jacobson (my husband).  Make different colors and all sorts of sizes to fit your décor!

The beaded cover samples are about 5.5 inch in diameter and with the chain loops and beads or buttons they measure about 8.5 inches wide.  I use #3 crochet cotton thread because it is a little thicker and sturdier than #10 and is available everywhere.  Hope you enjoy the pattern and have fun!

For more photos go to my June 3, 2011 post, “Beaded Glass Covers & Doilies”.


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